Knife manufacturer from Dagestan increases export volumes by 21%

Dagestan enterprise PP Kizlyar LLC has increased export volumes by 21% in 2023, Omari Akhmedov, handicrafts production director of the plant says. As to Akhmedov, in the first nine months of 2023, exports of knives reached 11.3 million rubles, while in the same period last year the figure amounted to 9.3 million rubles.

Speaking about the export geography of knives and souvenir products, Akhmedov notes such countries as Kazakhstan, Belarus, China, Czech Republic and some others.

"Our enterprise has been engaged in export of products for more than 20 years. Before the introduction of sanctions, we supplied to more than 15 countries. Last year and this year we encountered difficulties in sending cargo and receiving payment for the products supplied, so the volume of exports has decreased," – Akhmedov confessed.

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