Dagestani cultural center opens in Kuban

Makhachkala, December 19, 2016. Dagestan cultural Center "Unity" has recently been opened in Krasnodar Territory. The center pursues the idea of improving the image of the Caucasian republic in Kuban region.

As to Dagestan Minister for National Policy Tatiana Gamaley, the Centre may become a consolidation place for all the Dagestanis residing in Krasnodar Territory.
Gamaley also noted that Krasnodar Territory was among the leading regions in Russia as to the number of ethnic Dagestanis residing.

"In this regard, the Center’s work is important in the focus of preservation of the authentic traditions, cultures and languages of the Dagestanis. At the same time the Center is expected to engage the young Dagestanis to the All-Russian history, culture, uniting all peoples of our country", - Tatiana Gamaley resumed.

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