12.11.2014 15:31:53
Abdussamad Gamidov holds a series of meetings in Moscow
12.11.2014 15:24:51
Team Russia wins European Nations Freestyle Wrestling Cup
12.11.2014 13:56:31
Exhibition of Leo Tolstoy’s personal belongings to start in Daghestan Museum of Fine Arts
12.11.2014 13:29:02
Daghestan minister of mass media and information awarded with Duty and Honor Medal
12.11.2014 11:52:56
Anatoly Karibov holds governmental meeting
11.11.2014 16:00:27
Makhachkala to host XII Daghestan Interregional Agricultural Forum and "Dagprodekspo 2014" Exhibition
11.11.2014 15:42:51
"No to fascism in Ukraine" mass-meeting takes place in Makhachkala
11.11.2014 12:21:56
Daghestani free-style wrestlers win international tournament in US
11.11.2014 10:19:41
World-famous saxophonist Igor Butman gives single concert in Makhachkala
10.11.2014 16:52:27
Final stage of "Young Innovators" project held in Makhachkala
10.11.2014 16:37:43
Ramazan Abdulatipov inaugurates new cultural and recreation complex in Gumbetovsky district
10.11.2014 15:44:53
Abdussamad Gamidov obtains highest award UWW - "Gold Necklace"
10.11.2014 13:48:58
Daghestani freestyle wrestlers to perform at US tournament
10.11.2014 12:35:53
2,500 seedlings of trees and shrubs planted within "Long live forest!" campaign
10.11.2014 10:31:31
Zurab Mammadaev participates in "Small Business: Reset" forum
07.11.2014 18:32:21
Daghestani rugby players on podium of prestigious European tournament in Belgium
07.11.2014 15:30:16
Lecture on Derbent’s 2,000th anniversary held in Moscow
07.11.2014 10:27:36
Ramazan Abdulatipov attends meeting of Government Commission on socio-economic development of North Caucasus Federal District
06.11.2014 18:11:47
Professional fighting tournament "New Stream" held in Moscow
06.11.2014 12:11:07
Rector of Daghestan Humanities Institute Magomed Magomedov takes part in international interfaith conference in Nalchik