18.02.2024 20:09:00
Dagestan hosts First Republican Festival of Science
18.02.2024 19:02:00
Dagestani artists take part in "Caucasus - our common home" concert in Tomsk
17.02.2024 21:52:00
Dagestan footballer invited to play for Russian national team
17.02.2024 21:50:00
Philanthropists allocate 2 billion rubles for reconstruction of Akhtyn fortress
17.02.2024 21:46:00
Area under melons in Dagestan may grow by almost 19% in 2024
17.02.2024 10:05:00
Fish meal and fish feed plant to be constructed in Dagestan
16.02.2024 22:21:00
Strongest heavyweight grapplers to compete at international tournament in Kaspiysk
16.02.2024 21:53:00
Rowers Dagestan depart for Kaluga to participate in All-Russian Championship
16.02.2024 21:51:00
19 more schools to be opened in Dagestan under "Education" target project in 2024
16.02.2024 13:25:00
X-ray equipment to be installed in Makhachkala seaport to increase cargo turnover
15.02.2024 19:13:00
Dagestan increases volume of fruit and vegetable processing by 32%
15.02.2024 19:08:00
Dagestan authorities intend to revive mountain-valley horticulture
15.02.2024 17:30:00
Construction project management information system to be introduced in Dagestan
15.02.2024 17:08:00
"Legends of Dagestan" tourist route presented in Makhachkala
15.02.2024 16:52:00
Magomed Murtazaliev wins silver medal of European Championship
14.02.2024 20:44:00
Dagestan authorities plan to allocate five times more land for integrated development
14.02.2024 20:40:00
Dagestan experiences significant increase in number of Chinese tourists
14.02.2024 17:53:00
Putin signs law on confiscation of property for fakes about Russian Armed Forces
14.02.2024 17:45:00
Republican Ophthalmologic Hospital in Dagestan introduces 10 new techniques into practice
14.02.2024 16:41:00
Kubachi Combine produces limited edition earrings in honor of its 100th anniversary