30.08.2023 13:59:00
Dagestan earns 4.2 billion rubles from tourism in six months
25.08.2023 09:25:00
Fertilizer production worth 740 million rubles to be launched in Dagestan
24.08.2023 21:31:00
Head of regional branch of Federal Anti-monopoly service claims need to liquidate state unitary enterprises
24.08.2023 11:11:00
The number of self-employed reached 247,000 in Dagestan
16.08.2023 07:34:00
New landfills in Dagestan to be equipped with modern systems
15.08.2023 23:11:00
Chemical plant property value put up for sale falls by 10% in Dagestan
15.08.2023 18:40:00
Another plant moves from Makhachkala to Kaspiysk
14.08.2023 07:43:00
Dagestan claims approx. 12 billion rubles to solve problems in energy sector
11.08.2023 12:48:00
Dagestan products are exported to 40 countries of world
09.08.2023 22:24:00
Dagestan factory to expand facade systems production worth RUR 150 mln
09.08.2023 20:25:00
Capacity of Dagestan's largest hydroelectric power plant to be increased
06.08.2023 18:52:00
Seven tour operators from Azerbaijan visit Dagestan to establish cooperation
06.08.2023 12:01:00
Residents of Dagestan villages are more active in Internet than cities dwellers
02.08.2023 03:33:00
Tourist resort to build infrastructure for a new leisure facility in Dagestan
01.08.2023 07:25:00
New waste sorting complex to be put into operation in southern Dagestan
31.07.2023 17:32:00
Dagestan plant launches production and processing of polyethylene
28.07.2023 15:22:00
Greg Simons: West builds global liberal project and destroys traditional foundations of society
27.07.2023 21:02:00
22 new hotels to be built in Dagestan
26.07.2023 10:06:00
Dagestan ranks third in number of unemployed across North Caucasian Federal District
25.07.2023 09:33:00
Dagestan farmer finds new way to increase yield of watermelons