17.10.2023 01:34:00
Dagestan railways increase cargo turnover
16.10.2023 20:39:00
Dagestan increases export of agricultural animals by 1.4 times in 2023
15.10.2023 15:01:00
Dagestan company expands production of ready-mix concrete
12.10.2023 02:44:00
Dagestan plant to build a rice cleaning complex
10.10.2023 18:53:00
Dagestan intends to increase capacity of grain terminal of Makhachkala Sea port
09.10.2023 01:49:00
Dagestan builds new border railway station for 300 mln rubles
07.10.2023 05:02:00
Farm for rare breed of cows to be built in Dagestan
06.10.2023 07:54:00
Dagestan plant starts testing module to combat drones
05.10.2023 12:05:00
Dagestan allocates 10 billion rubles for first stage of construction of children's center
28.09.2023 18:27:00
Dagestan becomes pilot region to develop deep processing of wool
28.09.2023 10:34:00
Dagestan company to expand production of household chemicals
27.09.2023 23:01:00
Company from Dagestan intends to increase area of hazelnut orchards
27.09.2023 09:07:00
Dagestan intends to maintain goods export volume at last year level
26.09.2023 22:13:00
Dagestan plant establishes production of spare parts for six aircraft corporations
25.09.2023 18:39:00
New shoe factory to open in Dagestan by the end of 2023
21.09.2023 16:05:00
Dagestan company designs new road to Makhachkala seaport worth 43 mln RUB
21.09.2023 15:58:00
Experts announce approximate oil and gas reserves in Dagestan
20.09.2023 09:55:00
Costs for Caspian cluster development in Dagestan may amount to 76 billion rubles
18.09.2023 22:11:00
Dagestan becomes leader in number of new buildings erected near beaches
18.09.2023 19:17:00
Metal structures plant to be revived in Dagestan