11.04.2024 21:17:00
Documentary series 'Russian Caucasus: Three Centuries of Creation' released on Kinopoisk
11.04.2024 21:08:00
Regional Cinema Forum "New Vector. North Caucasus" accepts applications
11.04.2024 19:31:00
Dagestan enters top 7 regions of Russia for hiking
11.04.2024 18:47:00
Sber resumes issuing preferential mortgage loans for IT specialists
11.04.2024 16:31:00
12 sites for integrated territorial development selected in Makhachkala
11.04.2024 11:16:00
Retail trade turnover in Dagestan exceeds RUB 125 billion in the first quarter of 2024
11.04.2024 11:10:00
Dagestan rates among top 10 most popular destinations for May vacations
11.04.2024 11:07:00
Transit of industrial consumer goods by regional railroads increases by 12% in three months of 2024
11.04.2024 10:57:00
Journalistic works competition held in Makhachkala
10.04.2024 09:12:00
Prices for nonresidential premises increases by 6% in Dagestan
10.04.2024 08:55:00
875 thousand lambs received on lands of distant cattle breeding in Dagestan
09.04.2024 16:20:00
Dagestani children make trench candles and camouflage nets for Defense Ministry in labour classes
09.04.2024 16:13:00
Port-Petrovsky Assemblies music festival to be held in Dagestan
09.04.2024 16:06:00
Dagestan's first solar power plant operates in Yuzhno-Sukhokumsk
09.04.2024 10:45:00
Dagestan becomes ideal year-round resort in North Caucasian Federal District
09.04.2024 10:00:00
Dagestan builds several premium hotels with borrowed funds
09.04.2024 09:50:00
Chinese delegation visits Dagestan
08.04.2024 20:37:00
Dagestan's power plants cover only half of region's demand for energy capacity
08.04.2024 12:32:00
Dagestanis among anti-leaders in terms of overdue and outstanding loans
08.04.2024 11:41:00
Dagestan farmers can get short-term loans for seasonal works