06.07.2024 21:43:00
Russia exhibition enters top 10 most visited places in world
06.07.2024 19:04:00
Dzhambulat Bizhamov signs promoter contract with RCC Boxing
06.07.2024 19:01:00
Demand for renting apartments and cottages significantly increases over month in Dagestan
05.07.2024 16:34:00
Expert comments on acute shortage of specialists for construction industry in Dagestan
05.07.2024 10:12:00
Arakum and Nizhne-Ter spawning and rearing reservoirs of Glavrybvod FSBI are largest existing spawning grounds for aquatic bioresources in Dagestan
04.07.2024 23:50:00
Average salary in Dagestan increases by 15%
04.07.2024 23:44:00
XXII festival of folklore and traditional culture “Highlanders” finishes in Dagestan
04.07.2024 17:24:00
Three factories in Dagestan to receive RUB 90 million of state subsidies
04.07.2024 16:25:00
Nearly 860 thousand tourists visit Dagestan in half year
03.07.2024 15:37:00
Makhachkala airport increases passenger traffic by 4% in half a year
03.07.2024 10:14:00
Mufti of Dagestan introduces temporary ban on wearing niqab
03.07.2024 09:27:00
Dagestan tourism industry gets more organized with tax registration
02.07.2024 18:40:00
Construction of IT city in Dagestan could attract nearly RUB 100 billion
02.07.2024 18:33:00
Dagestani delegation shares experience in counteraction to extremism in Melitopol
01.07.2024 09:42:00
"Traditions of Fathers": Cultural heritage festival launches in Dagestan
01.07.2024 09:31:00
Dagestan authorities approve project for development of territory of Makhachkala Hippodrome
01.07.2024 08:36:00
Dagestanis win two more golds for Russia at U-17 European Championships
01.07.2024 08:33:00
New concept for development of public transport approved in Dagestan
01.07.2024 08:30:00
Belarus and Dagestan agree on joint import substitution projects
29.06.2024 14:13:00
Ramazan Emeev returns to octagon after two-year hiatus