10.04.2014 11:19:24
Chef of King of Saudi Arabia Thomas Gugler provides master class in Daghestan
09.04.2014 16:20:35
MPs discuss implementation of Daghestan development priority projects
08.04.2014 11:15:22
Daghestani government discuss preparations for Russian cultural and economic forum
08.04.2014 11:12:45
Daghestan pankration fighters win medals of Eurasia championships
08.04.2014 10:53:46
Exhibition of honoured artist of Daghestan Gazali-Dibir Izrailov is held in Daghestan mission in Moscow
07.04.2014 14:52:03
Problems of developing cultural environment and economy in Russian regions to be discussed at forum in Daghestan
07.04.2014 10:43:23
Bashir Uvaysov’s exhibition to be held in Makhachkala as part of "Nuggets" project
06.04.2014 13:45:12
"Anzhi" defeats "Dynamo" in 24th round of Russian Premier League
03.04.2014 11:38:34
Culture, education, economy as factors of sustainable regional development to be discussed at cultural and investment forum in Daghestan
03.04.2014 11:26:56
Problems and prospects of republican manufacturers to be discussed in Makhachkala
03.04.2014 10:41:12
RUR 228 million to be allocated for small and medium businesses’ development in Daghestan
02.04.2014 15:03:50
FC "Anzhi" prepares for the match with FC "Dinamo"
02.04.2014 14:51:30
Sports glory museum to be open in Daghestan this year
02.04.2014 12:35:47
Viticulture and winemaking issues discussed in Daghestan parliament
02.04.2014 12:29:01
Ramazan Abdulatipov discusses problems and prospects of development of radio broadcasting in Daghestan
02.04.2014 12:05:47
Rayudin Yussufov participates in a seminar of ministry of economic development on interaction with regions
02.04.2014 10:30:18
Forum on NGOs’ role in developing priority projects to be held in Daghestan
02.04.2014 09:53:50
Abdusalam Gadisov and Magomed Kurbanaliev become European champions
01.04.2014 15:11:43
Magomed Malikov to fight against Andrei Orlovsky
01.04.2014 11:08:36
Daghestani wrestler wins International tournament