30.10.2014 12:52:16
European Information Consulting Center opened in Daghestan
30.10.2014 10:46:15
Creative club for filmgoers starts in Daghestan
29.10.2014 15:01:00
Daghestan Tariff Service launches electronic calculator
29.10.2014 12:58:23
Vladimir Putin includes Ramazan Abdulatipov in Russian State Council Presidium
29.10.2014 10:50:19
Extremism Prevention Center opened in Daghestan
28.10.2014 17:15:10
DSTU student wins world kickboxing championship
28.10.2014 15:42:08
Daghestani wrestlers win 5 medals at Buvaysar Saytiev tournament
28.10.2014 12:39:42
5th Daghestani youth innovation convention to be held in Makhachkala
28.10.2014 10:36:22
Daghestani rugby players to take part in prestigious European tournament
27.10.2014 16:37:01
Plug and Play Dagestan business incubator gives workshop on marketing development and services promotion
27.10.2014 15:00:48
Daghestani youth try to help local farmers sell products
27.10.2014 12:59:13
DSU to host international conference "Media and public: pressing issues of modern journalism"
27.10.2014 10:57:04
Grappler Surkhai Assadulaev wins European championship
24.10.2014 16:21:23
"Young Innovators" final to take place in Makhachkala
24.10.2014 15:18:24
Russian President’s Envoy in North Caucasus Federal District Sergei Melikov visits Daghestan
24.10.2014 12:17:06
Academy of Culture and Arts to be opened in Daghestan
24.10.2014 10:15:11
"Marketing Case Forum Dagestan - 2014" to be held in Makhachkala
23.10.2014 17:12:53
Daghestani judoka to perform at junior world championship in United States
23.10.2014 13:11:18
Daghestan Institute of Humanities to be opened in Makhachkala
23.10.2014 10:07:56
Daghestan ministry of youth affairs holds 2nd DagITstan IT projects contest